Step Up Your Money Game!

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Step Up Your Money Game!

Your Money, Your Rules

Transform the way you manage your money and take control


Swipe & go

Experience the excitement of instant transactions—add, send, and split money with zero delays.


Spend freely with higher limits

Enjoy the flexibility of additional cards that you can share with your family—each with increased spending limits and independent balances.


Track your expenses

Stay in control with categorized expenses and gain valuable insights into your spending habits.


Bank securely

Sleep soundly knowing your money is secure—instantly lock and unlock your card with a tap.


Save big all year round

Earn cashback through challenges, and grab sweet discounts at top spots—saving up has never been easier.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Take your first step towards financial freedom with Klivvr Go—the perfect entry-level plan for the budget-conscious!

Single Card

60K EGP Daily Limit

400K EGP Total Balance

Switch to Plus

Manage up to 5 cards with our subscription-based model and unlock higher spending limits, ensuring an unparalleled financial experience.

Up to 5 Cards

120K EGP Daily Limit

2M EGP Total Balance

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